For centuries, art has had a way of reinforcing our moral code or showing a conscious imitation of social norms in our society known as mimesis. According to Aristotle, A Greek philosopher, mimesis is the perfect imitation of nature. Whereas, history is a mere reflection on deliberate choices and decisions that shape the social construct on how we choose to go about our daily lives.


On behalf of Apple Seed Productions, my name is Christopher Shipman. I am an alumna at Augusta University, where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Now, I am furthering my education as a grad student at Full Sail University, where my concentration lies under the Master of Arts in New Media Journalism program. Nonetheless, I am looking to make a career in producing written and digital content for a magazine or periodical. The three main topics that I focus on day-to-day are music, culture, and history.


Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to executively produce a short documentary focusing on how life imitates art using various resources to support the theory. Then, I had the opportunity to intern as a journalist for The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization, to research, write, and publish content focusing on the progression of extreme poverty and hunger reduction in third world countries. Also, I stepped into the publicist role at The Borgen Project to advocate, mobilize, and educate people on why combating extreme poverty and hunger worldwide is beneficial to America.


In my spare time, I crate-dig in vinyl record stores to collect nostalgia records that have pushed fine arts to the forefront. Also, I research and discover new music to analyze and support to ensure the proper acts are given a chance to prosper reach other audiences.


Critiquing and analyzing music albums while giving news coverage of social-cultural events can be expected on my website, where I promote music, culture, and history. 


To keep up with updated content, subscribe, and follow my social media handles on Instagram and Twitter at Journalisteye. See you in the comment section. 

Latest Project

On behalf of Apple Seed Productions, the vision, and purpose of this documentary is to inform and expand beyond the Irish poet, Oscar Wilde's, theory on how nature imitates art.